Dredging in the Bearing Sea:

This trip is primarily for Southern Skin Divers Supply hardcore divers who are use to low to no visibility, strong currents, and cold water. These divers need to have several hundred dives in these conditions. Participants will have the opportunity learn ocean gold dredging. They will learn the specifics of operating and maintaining an ocean dredge. We have four six-inch ocean dredges. This is very dangerous and extremely hard work. We are very selective on who can be a crew member. Our experienced crew members find good gold each summer, but there is a steep learning curve. New crew members usually don’t find significant gold on their first attempt. Steve and Spencer have lots of experience and will help.
If you want to have an amazing Alaskan adventure for a month with little cost then this is a great opportunity. We have a very nice beachfront cabin seven miles west of Nome. The cabin sleeps five and has a shower, refrigerator and wood-burning stove. We have all of the parts and tools needed to set up and maintain our equipment. We eat well, probably better than anyone up here. We supply food, fuel, a vehicle, and the use of an ocean dredge.
It will cost $5,000 per month and one-half of the gold that you find. The learning curve is steep, but the big advantage is that Steve and Spencer are here to help you and train you. Alaska is a very expensive trip for Steve and Spencer each year and we think that someone that has never experienced it before can go to Nome and have a great adventure for $5000. A trip that includes your food, lodging, vehicles, training, and gold mining equipment is a bargain, and you should find some gold.
What is Provided and Cost:
· Beachfront cabin with shower, refrigerator and wood-burning stove.
· Food
· Gasoline
· Six-inch ocean dredge
· Vehicle, ATV
· Training
· Cost is $5000 per month and one-half of the gold that you find.

What you will need to bring with you:
· Clothes
o The temperature ranges from freezing to the upper 70 degrees F. Dress in layers.
o You will need heavy duty rain gear such as Helly Hanson rain coat and bibs.
o A couple swimsuits for dredging
o Warm coat
o Good socks (Filson, Patagonia, Smartwool, Etc.)
o Hat (need one for warmth and one for sun protection)
o Long johns
o Muck boot brand boots. 16 inches tall.
· Dive gear- Dredgers will furnish all personal dive gear
o 8 mm semi-dry wetsuit
o Undersuit
o Mask
o Thick booties
o Neoprene socks
o Several pair of Kevlar/neoprene gloves that have been treated
o Wrist compass
o Wrist computer
o A dive knife
o Chest mounted spare air
o Head-mounted dive light that lasts at least 6 hours
o Talk with Spencer at Southern Skin Diver’s Supply and he will help you get all of these things
· Swim-Ear
· One good GPS such as a Garmin but a trail GPS not one that you use in your car
· Good medium weight sleeping bag and bring a separate fleece sleeping bag liner
· Sun Screen
· Bug repellent (Deet)
You can see tons of pictures and read all about some of our previous Alaska adventures right here on our main Alaska webpage =>>   ALASKA!

Give Steve a call if you are ready to go on any of these adventures.
Thank you,
Steve Phillips